Beached Piano ‘Testament to Music’

. Wednesday, January 26
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The Coast Guard says that a grand piano, perched on the highest point of a sandbar at Biscayne Bay in Miami, Fla, is not a navigational hazard and therefore has no plans to remove it. There since last week, it’s probably not in tune, and no one knows who put it there.

Rumors abound. The New World Symphony opens this week, so is it a publicity stunt? Was it a prop left behind after filming a Kayne video? Or, was it a child’s imagination: "The Little Mermaid was not a work of fiction and the musically inclined lobsters and crabs dragged the piano out themselves." The NY Times even wants to put the person responsible on its list of 100 Creatives.

So, the piano picturesquely stands as a testament to music. It’s a nice change from the usual news story.