Obama’s sideshow put to rest–finally–with birth certificate release

. Wednesday, April 27
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Today, President Obama’s birth certificate in long form has been released to the media. Any questions?

I fail to see the logic of pursuing such trivial points of interest. Isn’t there enough to worry about? I mean, gas prices, unemployment, child abuse, domestic violence, the whittling away of basic rights… The man was voted into office; isn’t that enough? No? We need to be distracted from the important issues; is that it?

It’s time to learn how to play together, don’t you think?

In my Inbox: Do you know what this is?

. Saturday, February 26
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Rumor has it that it has been reintroduced in Washington, DC, and may be part of the new health care program.

Um, I think I’ll pass. Next?

Romantic getaway on ice

. Sunday, February 13
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Image, the perfect evening, candlelit, romantically cozy and as memorable as they come. Now, add in a huge dose of unique and you have a night spent in this Quebec City, Canada Ice Hotel adorned with glasses made of ice, beds made of ice and a guarantee that you two will cuddle together – for warmth.

In its eleventh year running, the ice hotel sports 36 rooms in an area with average temperatures of –4. Inside, however, it’s cozy, with the igloo construction trapping in body heat as the Inuit’s intended.

Book your event now because it will close its doors on March 27, then melt away.