Spain's Olympic Team are Racists?

. Wednesday, August 13

Get this. This is a photo of Spain's Olympic basketball team taken July 1 as an ad for a Spanish courier company called Seur. The photo shows the team members pulling their eyes into slants, much like every child does to mimic the way Asian eyes appear to non Asian children. Why Seur requested this particular antic from adults as notable as an Olympic basketball team or even how this photo could promote a courier service is beyond me. A British news agency picked up the photo four days into the Olympics straight from the Internet, and of course it is raising quite a bit of racial uproar around the world. The team pictured has no idea what the fuss is all about since the prank was supposed to be all in good fun. Well, the fun may have cost Spain the role of host of the 2016 Olympics since they are so behind the times in political correctness. Bah.