Google's Chrome

. Tuesday, September 2

I just downloaded and installed Google's new web browser called Chrome. Within minutes, you see that a very small installer downloads quickly, and when you run that installer, it downloads the software and installs it very quickly. Major points for someone who is tired of all the bloat like I am. The interface is clean and unobtrusive, with more space allotted for viewing. The first thing that I noticed is that its render is very clean., and it handles font display much better than Firefox 3 and more true than Internet Explorer 7. The biggest perk is Chrome's speed, which is remarkable. You can read through all the tech specs yourself to learn how they did it, but downloads are so fast that you'll wonder how you ever suffered through IE7. Go get some Chrome!


pamibe said...

I thought about trying it... but I always come back to FF. Have you looked at Flock? A lot of people like it; same engine as FF, but with perks.

IE is still like a dino, isn't it? ;)

Theresa Komor said...

After using Chrome for a full day, I'm even closer to declaring it my default browser. As happy as I was with FF3 compared to IE7 is as happy as I am with Chrome compared to FF3! It is that much faster.

One minor glitch found - the search function won't search in iframes, which makes it a pain to edit blog templates in Blogger, so hopefully, they get that fixed soon.

I don't know how this all is working. I hear that IE still commands about 75% of the market, yet my blog reports FF3 as the most used by a long shot! I can't wait to see how Chrome stands up.

Theresa Komor said...

I should add that Chrome seems to be independent of Windows, which is probably why its speed is so remarkable. It does not take on GUI settings from what I can tell.