FBI Releases "Anthrax" Letter

. Friday, October 24

This is a scanned copy of one of the 50 letters, accompanied by a white, powdered substance that has so far tested as harmless, sent to Chase Bank offices, the FDIC and the US Office of Thrift Supervision (never heard of that particular office before, have you?).  All the letters to these financial entities were postmarked Amarillo, TX., but the FBI says it's not clear whether the one sent to the New York Times yesterday is related. The Postal Inspector is offering a $100,000 reward to anyone with clues or tips, and asks that you study the wording and phrasing of the letter to see if you recognize it.

What would give more of a clue, besides the glaring misspelling, is the word or name that is blacked out - "redacted." What could possibly be so sensitive in nature that the public is not allowed to see that word? Is it a clue to what really caused the stock market crash? Perhaps. Today's article contained the same snippet of information about JPMorgan buying out Chase, so Reuter's may be making a point. It's also strange that the AP hasn't followed along with stories of its own; at least none that I saw.