Losing Sleep Due to Worry About Bills

. Tuesday, October 28

This morning, CNN reports that 9 out of 10 people are unable to sleep due to money worries. An Employee Assistance Program provider, ComPsych Corp, surveyed the companies it served.  Topping the sleep robbing concerns were cost of living and credit card debt, followed by making mortgage payments and building retirement accounts. Children's tuition and health care costs completed the list of worries. Only one-eighth of the people surveyed said they had no worries at all and were able to sleep just fine.

If I were to jump to conclusions by these numbers, I'd have to say that the people not sleeping because of money worries match the 90 percent of the population that holds only 10 percent of the wealth in this country.

There certainly aren't any of the failed financial companies that received and are now misspending the bailout money we all paid for among this list of worriers. Instead of opening up credit, they are buying out other banks and taking extravagant vacations. Honestly, who didn't see that coming? Everyone but the government that should've let those companies pay their own consequences. Enough!