100 Years to Prove Einstein Was Right

. Friday, November 21

Genius is probably as misunderstood as the theories geniuses come up with. Einstein is the perfect example. In 1905, the Theory of Relativity, e=mc2, described the ability of mass to be converted to energy, and energy to be converted to mass.

Laurent Lellouch, of France's Centre for Theoretical Physics, has finally come up with the calculations needed to estimate the mass of protons and neutrons, which are comprised of quarks and gluons. Finding that gluons = 0 and quarks only 5 percent, Lellouch et al found that it is energy created by the interaction of quarks and gluons that makes up 95 percent of mass.

Up until now, e=mc2 has been used to estimate the amount of energy released per quantity of mass and is the formula used in atomic weaponry. Science has struggled to prove the theory at the sub atomic particle level and understanding of the full implications of the theory have been elusive.

Energy is equivalent to mass. Mass is equivalent to energy.

Science is one step closer to proving the Divine Principle - God. I wonder why they couldn't just take Einstein's word for it.