Money Found in Wall Stashed During Depression

. Sunday, November 9

Meet Bob Kitts, a contractor hired by Amanda Reece, the property owner who hired Kitts to do some remodeling on an 83 old home near Lake Erie in Ohio. In the process of tearing out a bathroom wall, Kitts found two metal strong boxes suspended by wire. Opening the boxes, he found envelopes with return addresses as "P. Dunne News Agency," and tearing a corner of one envelope, he saw the corner of a $50 bill. Nice guy that he is, he called Reece to tell her of his discovery of what ended up being $182,000 in Depression Era money.

As incredibly happy as they both were at this incredible find, things went south from there. Kitts felt 40 percent was equitable for his share of the find, but Reece only wanted to give him 10 percent. $60,000 went missing, and Reece spent $14,000 on a trip to Hawaii. As soon as a court case was filed to settle their dispute, the Dunne heirs staked a claim as well. In the end, both ended up with only a few thousand dollars.

Easy come, easy go.


The Hawg! said...

Heh. So all-consuming greed left the two with next to nothing?

Gee, that never happens ;)

Theresa Komor said...

Oh, I know! I was caught with the stash of money put away during the Depression surfacing now in another major slump. Pretty cool, eh?