Nagging Wife Shot on Thanksgiving Day in a "Redneck" Town

. Sunday, November 30

In Huntsville, Arkansas on Thanksgiving Day, Kenneth Hissom took all the nagging he could take from his wife, then shot her to death. He called 911 to report that he shot his wife, but warned dispatch that he would shoot any police officer that came to his house. When police arrived, Hissom refused to come out without his gun, a standoff that lasted two hours. Police believe that alcohol was a factor in the shooting.

The next day in the same small town, a hotel took down the US flag and raised a Confederate flag in its place. Why? Not because he's black, but because the owners think that Obama is Marxist and an insult to the founding fathers. Incidentally, the Faubus Hotel was once owned by a notorious governor that tried to keep Little Rock schools segregated. Now, a City Council member says that the town is already known as a "backwoodsy and redneck type community" and the raising of the Confederate flag only hurts its reputation more.

I'm glad I don't live in Huntsville. Too much drama for me.


Grandy said...

Wow...the flag was the thing that hurt the reputation? Maybe just a combined effort of things.


We all have our crosses to bear. :)

Theresa Komor said...

Politician do seem to have a warped sense of things!