NYC Transit on Orange for Thanksgiving

. Wednesday, November 26

CYA is the term I'll use to describe the fact that Homeland Security "may have" intercepted communications back in September that "suggested" al Qaeda "may be" planning to attack NY City's transit system during the Thanksgiving holiday, traditionally the busiest travel holiday of the year. "In an abundance of caution the NYPD has deployed additional resources in the mass transit system."  NYC is now at orange alert status, Homeland Security is basing the warning on "plausible but uncorroborated information." I wonder why we didn't hear about this plausible information back in September, early October when alternative travel plans could have been made? It sure seems like the people of NYC just became sacrificial lambs at the mercy of a shaky intelligence agency. They only thing they seem to be good at is CYA. Oh, the rest of the country is still on yellow alert status, the way it's been since 9/11/2001.