Best Seats in the House

. Tuesday, January 20

The best seats in the house for today's inauguration aren't the VIP seats, but from the back of a horse. Why it took a new study to confirm results we've known for a long, long time, we'll never know. This study found that riding a horse eases back pain, improves confidence and emotional well being, and relieves stress. How? Well, it seems that the horse's movements that transfer to the rider mimic the body movements of a person walking.

Besides stating the ridiculously obvious, that the study's results were released today points more toward marketing genius than anything to do with riding a horse. It seems that tacking "Obama" onto any idea will generate interest and sales, an opinion that seems to be circulating the news today as yet another, painfully obvious happening.

So, if you want to be more confident, feel better and lose some of your stress, hop on a horse and head to the inauguration today. What you'll also find as remarkable benefits to doing so is that you won't be tired from walking miles to get to a place among millions of others who have done the same, but you'll be much taller and actually able to see more. But, beware. Not all horses can handle a crowd like that, most would rather be miles away from marching bands, and very few can tolerate flags, balloons or confetti. A spin and a buck will land you on the pavement, so be sure to bring your health insurance card. But hey, enjoy the ride!


Paul Eilers said...

Then why do they have the phrase, "Looks like he just got off a horse" when you see someone walking awkwardly?