Traffic Control Needed in Space

. Thursday, February 12

Earth's orbit is now so cluttered that two satellites, one US, one Russian, smashed into each other over Siberia on Tuesday. With a 500 mile orbit, the concern is about debris and what other space objects may be affected. The space station is at a 270 mile orbit and believed to be out of harm's way, but Hubble and other Earth observing satellites are at a higher orbit and may be impacted. The biggest concern is for space shuttles that have to pass through orbiting debris safely, and now there is so much garbage in space that it is a large concern, over and above the dangers of take off and re-entry. Oh, and it was the Russian satellite that was malfunctioning and caused the collision. The other was a sat phone satellite, which is causing spotty service that is expected to be resolved soon. The major subscriber - the US military. It's time for traffic control in space.