Sure Could Use a Little Good News

. Monday, February 23

I've been keeping my eye on the headlines as usual, and for the last few days, I haven't found anything that hasn't been pounded into the ground. Even that cartoon-in-poor-taste is still making the rounds.

It makes me wonder. Could we have another strike in the making, only this time it's news reporters instead of flaky Hollywood actors? Or maybe everyone is hunkering down to weather the depression and there really isn't anything happening?

Maybe, it's more that my own eye has grown too accustomed to all the bad news. Hm. That must be it, because I sure could use a little good news today.


the fearless blog said...

I guess if you hear something over and over again, you might just start to believe it. Whether it is true or not, no longer matters. The media along with our President and his cabinet have managed to scare the beegeebees out of most folks, therefore, making most people sad, depressed or worried.

Maybe if things just improve a tiny bit we will all be happy again??? Perhaps, "they," vague pronoun on purpose, are just playing with our minds and our emotions. The psychological effects appear to be much worse than the concrete factors in play. More bad news breeds more bad news and negative reactions.

I resent being manipulated. But I think that is exactly what is happening in Washington these days. And so, if I want to hear good news I turn to my sons, my students, my friends or the rest of my family.

I cannot control what is happening in the USA but I sure can control "some" of what is happening in my life. Suggestions: Watch Dave Ramsey....