Bat Fungus Closes Caves

. Friday, May 1

Remind me of the purpose of these creatures? Please? 

Scientists have closed caves in 33 states this week in an effort to control "white-nose syndrome," a fungus that appears like a white dusting on the noses and wings of hybernating bats. It's estimated that the fungus has killed 500,000 bats so far, though there is no risk of transmission to humans. With the fear of some bats on the endangered species list, scientists will petition the Forest Service to close caves in the southern states as well, probably within a month. The fear is that people going from cave to cave carry the fungus on their shoes and equipment, spreading the deadly fungus.

Oh. Right. Bats control the bug populations, primarily mosquitoes, eating up to their body weight each night. Losing 500,000 bats means 2.4 million bugs are enjoying a stay of execution.

And, if you're caught in a cave, it's a $10,000 fine.


Daryl said...

Looks like a mouse with a hangover

Theresa Komor said...

Absolutely creepy critters!