Mom and Son Now Fugitives

. Wednesday, May 20

Colleen and son Daniel Hauser are now on the run, having fled Monday night before Tuesday's court date to reveal the results of the latest x-rays and tests done to check the status of Daneil's Hodgkin's lymphoma. The tumor has returned to its pre-chemo treatment size and is pressing on the port placed in his chest to deliver the chemo therapy, causing a considerable amount of pain. Daniel's doctor said that he is "at risk of substantial physical harm if no action is taken." Police believe that mother and son are traveling with Susan Daya, a California lawyer, and Billy Best, a man who had run away from home to avoid chemo therapy for a cancer similar to Daniel's in 1994 and who is now advocating publicly for Daniel. Collen Hauser is now charged with medical neglect, contempt and kidnapping, and a nation-wide search is on.


MamaFlo said...

This mother is stating that it's her son that doesn't want the chemotherapy but it's the mother that is making the decisions not her son, he couldn't do this "run" without her.

Theresa Komor said...

I agree. Until the son is old enough to work and pay bills around the house, he isn't old enough to make major life/death decisions.