Dead Mom Walking

. Sunday, June 21

Do you see anything amiss in this NY Department of Motor Vehicles security camera photo? Now, I know that you only have to see a two-foot tall letter to get a driver's license in Florida, but it NY, it's a bit more stringent. Seems to me like anyone who wears sun glasses inside won't quite pass the vision test.

On the left is Thomas Parkin who was arrested for impersonating his mother, Irene Prusik, who died in 2003, in order to collect $117,000 in Social Security benefits. Parkin denies the larceny and fraud charges, and insists it was an impersonator, not him, who was caught red-handed in this photo.

In an interview at Riker's Island, Parkin said that his dead mother was a B-movie actress who used to date Gene Kelly. But, his strongest forte was talking about the powerful psyche of Norman Bates, Alfred Hitchcock's cross-dressing killer character in "Psycho."

It's been awhile since anyone immortalized Alfred Hitchcock...


The Commentator said...

Ok, I'll say it: Only in New York.