No Poo for You

. Wednesday, June 10

The opposition is alive and well and out looking for yet another thing to oppose besides fur coats, horse slaughter, smoking, seat belts and abortion. Yep, the new movement is called "No Poo."

The 100 year old product called shampoo, with its sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, propylene or butylene glycol, isopropyl alcohol and coal tar, may not be safe to use on your head, though no one can actually agree that it isn't. An iffy argument at best, it's good enough as grounds for a new opposition.

Your alternatives? Baking soda, vinegar, egg, lemon, vegetable starch and wood ash. Oh, and you can shave your head.

This is one that may start out in the extremists' realm and end up a major social issue. Let's just let this one slide, OK? Jeesh.


Rebecca said...

Many years ago I read that some 400 carcinogenic chemicals have been found in human blood and fatty tissue.

But I won't be giving up my shampoo because of it. Although I used to have horrible panic attacks I found that they went away when I switched my laundry detergent and fabric softener to a "free & clear" type. :-/

Ruth said...

I saw a post on another blog recently that listed the chemicals used in dryer sheets, EVERY ONE was either a known carcinogen or neurotoxin or on the EPA's list of hazardous chemicals! Glad I don't use them.

Oh, there are a ton of shampoos and other bath products that don't use all those chemicals on :-)

Theresa Komor said...

@Hi Rebecca!! That could actually be an allergy that results in anxiety. Makes sense to me.

@Hi Ruth! Dryer sheets do a lot of damage to dryers themselves! I haven't used a softener of any sort in a long, long time.

Thanks for the heads up on the etsy stuff.

Taylor said...

I really enjoyed the article posted regarding harmful ingredients in personal care products. It was very informative, and I believe you are absolutely correct about the negative impact that these chemicals can have on our bodies. I have discovered several amazing reports to validate your position, and I think you would find the information fascinating. I would love to discuss this further with you. Please email me at your earliest convenience at One report in particular is very serious in nature and was documented on CNN. I’ll send you a link.

Theresa Komor said...

I think you misread my intent, Taylor. I think this whole thing is just another nutter going off the deep end! LOL

Let me put it this way... If shampoo was so dangerous, it being around for the past 100 years, you and I wouldn't be here now. Our parents would've died or our parents' parents would've died long before you and I became twinkles in their eyes.

Now, if it's a matter of sheep lining up for their fateful cup of magic koolaid, then I have to say y'all were born with brains, try using them. If something makes you sick, quit using it!