Caught With His Pants Down

. Wednesday, July 29

Meet Rodell Vereen of Columbia, SC. It seems ol' Mr. Vereen has a thing, and I mean a major thing, with a certain old mare at the Lazy B Stables.

Vereen is so smitten with the mare that he was charged with buggery in 2007 and placed on probation and the sex offender list. He was doing ok until he stopped taking his medicine, and decided he'd visit the old mare yet again.

This time, seeing signs that the buggery was going on again, the mare's owner installed surveillance cameras and taped one of the late night rendezvous. The next week, the owner caught Vereen with his pants down and held him at gun point until police arrived.

If convicted this time, he'll face 5 years in prison.


Anonymous said...

Now thats just GROSS! They need to make him a gelding and change his mind from ass to grass.