Inbox: The Fascist Threat?

. Thursday, August 13


OK people, this worries me. In my Inbox today was an email that said,

7 Ways We Can Fight Back Against the Rising Fascist Threat
Why the right-wing extremism must be stopped in its tracks or else we face the threat of outright violence and goon rule.

The loud and raucous “town hall” meetings have turned into the threat of Fascism for the future of our country, likened to the scare tactics used by playground bullies.

I haven’t been following the media circus around the Health Care Reform debate. All I know is that I am employed and without health care, and quite frankly, that scares the shit out of me. This ol’ clunker of a body has run smoothly so far, but just how long will my luck – and the laws of probability – hold out?

Am I looking for a handout? No. Am I selfish for molding my views on the subject of healthcare reform around my own situation? Perhaps.

But one thing I am for certain not doing is using illogical, emotional, extremist verbiage to push my point of view onto someone else, whether it be one person or every citizen in the grand United States of America.

What, doesn’t diplomacy work here at home? That there are such strong insults coming from both sides of the debate is a clear signal that much more work is needed before any laws are passed. Duh.

Talk with me, not at me. I will do the same.


Steve said...

It's so reminiscent of the Bush administration's problem with anti-war demonstrations. I hope that the people who used to scream against Bush have learned that the yellers often have good points. We probably shouldn't have gone to Iraq and we should probably let the health care issue sit for a year and see if it's still appealing. That's my opinion.