Selleck ‘Duped’ into Buying Lame Horse?

. Monday, September 7


And a San Diego court agrees enough to award Tom Selleck $187,000 to cover his purchase price and board for the horse. Next week, the court will hear the case to award punitive damages.

According to news reports, Del Mar equestrian Delores Cuenca conned Selleck into buying a horse called Zorro, a 10 year old that was fit for competitions. As it turns out, the horse is lame.

The details are spotty in all the reports, but one thing is certain: Selleck knows horses, and knows enough to check medical records, which he didn’t do. A simple pre-purchase exam would’ve prevented this courtroom drama.


Anonymous said...

What I wouldnt give to sell Tom Selleck a lame horse, or a sound one for that matter. YUMMY!

One things for sure, I wouldnt know if it was limping or not Id be too busy watching him to notice. That and wiping the drool from my chin.

Theresa Komor said...

Sigh. I know what you mean. Ahem. But, all looks and no brain?

Anonymous said...

Well, seriously now Theresa, whos going to talk to him anyway?

Theresa said...

I would talk to him, and give him a piece of my mind! Why take something like this to court? Like I said, it is always recommended to do a pre-purchase exam, especially if considering a high dollar horse. If you're going to throw your money around, be prepared to lose it. Looks or not, this is a pretty brainless stunt to pull.

The Commentator said...

He should have consulted Higgins first.