Kiss and Make Up Not Always a Good Idea

. Saturday, October 3


At one point or another, we all do it. We argue, fight, hurt each other, say things we never thought would come out of our mouths, do some major damage, only to kiss and make up once the guilt takes over. Does it work? Not always.

That kiss and make up doesn’t always work was proven yesterday in Louisiana when a woman bit her boyfriend’s tongue so hard that she was covered with “a large amount of blood” when she was arrested.

Of course it’s a “he said… she said…” incident. During an argument, the woman whacked her boyfriend over the head with a beer bottle – he said. She said she didn’t bother with a beer bottle, but admitted to biting his tongue when he tried to kiss and make up.  Not only did he try to kiss her, he spoke lewd, sweet nothings in her ear that set her off once again. She bit down hard.

Take it home: If you’re going to try the kiss-and-make-up tactic, be 100 percent sure both of you are ready to make up… Or else!