SAD Bigger Threat Than H1N1

. Monday, October 19


It’s that time of year when shortened daylight hours takes its toll on the moods of millions of people. The result is devastating. Why? According to Dr. Keith Ablow, Seasonal Affective Disorder will cost the economy dearly in lost productivity during a time when we can least afford it.

SAD is a bout of major depression linked to less available sunshine. “The symptoms can include sadness, tearfulness, decreased concentration, decreased self-esteem, low energy, alterations in sleep patterns and appetite, loss of interest in hobbies and work and, in severe cases, thoughts of suicide,” said Ablow, noting that the same treatments used for non-seasonal depression will work, and possibly the use of bright light therapy.

Depression is damaging, and this year, SAD will reach epidemic levels to the point where it is a far greater threat than the H1N1 virus because it is “so responsive to treatment.” Keep a close watch, and head it off before it takes hold before SAD escalates and warrants the attention this defeatable malady deserves.