Suicide Advocate Investigators Stumped

. Saturday, October 17

Bill Melchert-Dinkel outside home in Minnesota
 For Sunday Mercury use
 He is being investigated by Minnesota police for allegedly encouraging people to commit suicide in internet chatrooms.
 Picture taken by Toronto Star

Meet William Melchert-Dinkel, a Minnesota nurse under investigation for encouraging suicides on various Internet message boards. Several family members of those who tried to or succeeded at attempts to commit suicide have evidence that communication with Melchert-Dinkel occurred just before with encouragement and specifics on how to succeed based on his nursing training.

In January, 2009, Melchert-Dinkel put himself into a hospital for his addiction to Internet suicide sites and feelings of guilt for past and present advice on how to end life. Called a suicide fetish, he would often pose as a 28 year old woman on suicide message boards to make suicide pacts with others.

With the list of complaints coming from the US, Canada and England, officials are not only uncertain of the issue of jurisdiction, but what particular law these alleged crimes fall under. A precedence in the making, families just want this heinous criminal put in jail.