AT&T and Verizon Duke it Out

. Monday, November 16

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Verizon’s current ad campaign is doing the trick. AT&T is screaming “no fair” and yelling “uncle” very loudly, and like a woos in the most unflattering sense.

The launch of the Motorola Droid saw Verizon ads depicting AT&T’s lesser 3G coverage compared to Verizon’s.

"Through the use of a coverage map in [Verizon's] ads, they suggest through all white or blank space not only that AT&T doesn't offer 3G coverage but [also that it offers] no coverage at all," an AT&T spokesperson said as he outlined the company’s case against Verizon.

Public surveys suggest the ad campaign is working, with AT&T’s approval rating sinking into the negative numbers and Verizon’s reaching far into the positives.

It’s logical that bloggers are calling the kettle black. Instead of yelling “foul,” AT&T would do better by expanding 3D coverage as they’ve long promised and have yet to do:

“The company could stand to take a lesson from a lifeguard: When you're drowning, the worst thing you can do is kick and scream. It only makes you sink faster.”