No Tight Pants Per Sharia Law

. Sunday, November 1


I have often mused about women’s fashion, not being a clothes horse myself, and it’s purpose. Well duh, it’s all about attracting men more than it is about practical comfort suited to the tasks at hand. Even a 1950’s apron tended to emphasize a woman’s shapely curves, right? I mean, only a heavy parka or a mumu functions to hide the shape of the body underneath.

But now, a province in Indonesia called Aceh that is under full Sharia law not only allows adulterers to be stoned to death, but is now going to force women to wear Muslim dress by outlawing pants.

A woman can wear pants if she chooses, but the pants must be covered with an ankle-length skirt. If a shirt is tucked into her pants, why that’s just wrong, even if a headscarf is worn. The point is to completely hide the shape of her body.

Offenders will see their non-sharia-compliant attire cut up, starting in December. I wonder, while the illegal clothing is shredded, just what will the woman be wearing then?

I propose an alternative: If Islamic men can’t control their libido, why not punish them by forcing them to wear a scarf tied over their eyes instead? Why punish women for men’s shortcomings?


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! I like your thinking! Better yet why dont we just castrate any man that would propose such ridiculous crap so they cant make any more of themselves? In a few generations they would all be gone! What a great way to put a little chlorine in THAT gene pool!

Theresa Komor said...

I'd vote for that!