Unexplained Findings in Colorado

. Sunday, November 29


This is the sleepy little town of San Luis, Colorado, just north of the New Mexico border in Costilla County. According to the Associated Press, this little town is the site of recent calf mutilations that have everyone in the area perplexed, including the Sheriff.

Rancher Manuel Sanchez said that he found four of his calves with skin peeled back and the organs removed from the rib cage. There were no signs of animals or humans; no footprints, ATV tracks, drag marks – or blood. There was no blood at the scene at all.

A UFO chaser, Chuck Zukowski is on the scene investigating too. He told the press that three more calves were mutilated back in March in the same area. He’s looking for a pattern in these unexplained mutilations.

But Sanchez decided to sell off the rest of his calves in hopes that the rest of his herd isn’t as interesting to the invaders. For a small rancher, it’s a big loss.