Chavez: US Caused Haiti Earthquake

. Saturday, January 30


Is Chavez delusional, or is he voicing the world’s opinion of the US?

Various news sources report that on Wednesday, Hugo Chavez believes that the killer earthquake in Haiti followed the testing of a “tectonic weapon.”

He pointed to a project called HAARP, “High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program,” a study taking place in Alaska that’s purpose is to reconfigure the ionosphere to improve satellite communications. It is believed that by altering the climate, earthquakes and volcanoes are set off by electromagnetic waves.

I gave “HAARP” a rudimentary Google search and immediately found, a site blasting the University of Alaska’s project, calling it a “Pandora’s Box” and “a harp only angels should play.”

I’m not a scientist, nor do I play one on TV, so I’m going to let those with the relevant knowledge decide whether playing with the ionosphere will cause earthquakes or not. If that is the case, then what the heck are they doing up there in Alaska? And, why haven’t we heard of this weapon of mass destruction before? Why is something so humongous in the arsenal of my country?

If that isn’t the case, then what the heck does the world think of us? In our defense, we are just as hoodwinked as the rest of the world because we had no idea this crap was going on.


cornyman said...

Haarp is a very nice technology and is guilty for many bad things that happen on our planet :)

Did you know that this spiral light in Norway which many thought is a UFO or a Russian rocket could also be manipulated by this HAARP technology. The USA has a kind of military base around that area in Norway where the blue spiral light appeared in the sky.

You can read many fascinating stories about HAARP if you go to forums which talk about UFOs and governmental conspiracy theories. The problem is that there are even CIA and military members who talk about it publicly and which power it has. Shall we believe them or do they just want to use their knowledge as disinformation to make us believe that such a technology could exist and produce such weather and tectonic related issues?