Mobile Tsunami

. Thursday, February 11

cellphones The numbers now support what we’ve all known: Just about everyone has a cell phone, and now, just about everyone that has a cell phone uses it for much more than just making phone calls:

  • 234 million people in the US use mobile devices.
  • Smartphones make up 17 percent of those mobile devices.
  • 42 percent go with an unlimited data plan.
  • The iPhone and Droid are exploding and catching up with Blackberry.
  • Globally, mobile cell traffic has increased 160 percent in the last year.
  • Predictions point to video going up to 66 percent of all data traffic by 2014.

Google is the topic of the day, quietly transforming our world in the background of all the noise and fluff of all these sparkling gadgets. Keep your eye out for Near me now and Buzz to recreate the surface of the Internet while it works to rebuild the Internet’s backbone.