Unemployment extensions to end in May

. Saturday, May 8


By the end of May, the national Emergency Unemployment Compensation period will end. The extensions began in June, 2008 in a effort to address the fact that workers who lost their jobs through no fault of their own continued to be unable to find other employment.

The media appears to be reaching for straws when blasting out the “surprising gain” of 290,000 jobs, though nothing is mentioned about the end of unemployment extensions.

No matter if you lean to the right and believe that the unemployment extensions enabled the jobless to justify sitting at home, or if you lean to the left and believe that the extensions buy more time to find those rare jobs, there is nothing in place to change the high unemployment rate.

Heads up, people. In a few short weeks, there are suddenly going to be millions of people without any source of income whatsoever.

Tell me, what will they all do?

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