G20: Recession is over, so spend and save away

. Sunday, June 27


Sometimes, it takes a keen eye to ferret out just what is going on. For instance, look at this G20 meeting going on right now. Leaders of the most dominant countries in the world – US, China, Europe, India, Canada - are putting their heads together to “tackle global economic challenges.”

Outside, the crowds protest, and as you can see, the Canadian government is actively working to keep ‘world representatives’ separated from the world’s people.

The product of the G20 summit is allegedly “a concerted effort to halve public sector deficits within three years and stabilize government debt as well…”

Just what does that mean? Governments are in place to protect businesses, but now they are in place to protect businesses from themselves? Is this an oxymoron?

But fear not, these wise leaders know that it is a balancing act, that they have to continue to increase deficits while decreasing them at the same time, and if they do it all at once, if all the G20 countries work toward fiscal balance, it will upset the apple cart for each other. It’s OK though, since they all believe that the recession is behind us and don’t have to think of the current economy as “urgent.”

Convince me – and all the protesters – that Mother Earth is in good hands. Please!