Lose a drinking bet, be set on fire

. Sunday, July 11



One man made national news today after losing a drinking bet with his buddies, though his name is absent from the accounts and will not enjoy his notoriety.

A New Mexico man was found naked and on fire along Rt 70 on Monday. He told police that he lost a drinking bet with his friends, that whoever drank the least would be set on fire and agreed to let those friends set him on fire when he managed to only drink a 6-pack of beer.

The friends lit up this man’s prosthetic leg. The flames started to burn the man’s buttocks, so they loaded him into a truck to take him to the hospital. But, before they got there, the friends freaked and left him burning on the side of the road.

At this point, dear Sir, I question the kind of friends you keep and the idiocy of taking part in a bet with those friends who think nothing of setting you on fire. Is it time to rethink a few things?