Fake rice: cheap, mass produced and toxic

. Saturday, February 5


What do you get when you mix potatoes, sweet potatoes and plastic? Mass produced and distributed rice.

The Korea Times reports that the Weekly Hong Kong quotes a Singapore media article that the fake, toxic rice is selling like hot cakes in Taiyuan, Shaanxi Province.

The rice is made by shaping potatoes and sweet potatoes like rice, then adding in an industrial strength synthetic resin. One Chinese official said that if you eat three bowls of this rice, you’ve eaten the equivalent of one vinyl bag. The fake rice is hard like stone, even when cooked, and “very harmful to the human body.”

The rice is hugely profitable and still sold in mass quantities, despite its discovery to be harmfully fake.

Kudos to Mike Elgan for finding this tidbit. How long before this rice hits US grocery shelves?

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