Baby Boomers the Most Unhappy Generation

. Wednesday, June 25

The Pew Research Center Social and Demographic Trends survey released today has revealed what may be no big surprise to Baby Boomers between the ages of 44 and 65. They are "tired, overworked, strapped, bummed out and don't expect to get a break." They are less likely to get a raise, less likely to live comfortably in retirement, and less likely to feel others will have any better of a life than they do.

Look ahead Boomers: Retired people are the happiest!


Lotus Flower said...

I can not agree more. I am all those things described in the research.

I am almost retired but I am far from happy :-(

But hey I can still afford to say Cheers!

Have a nice day.

Amy Sherman said...

I disagree. We may be overworked and bummed out, but that's because we don't realize our options. This could be an exciting time in our lives to pursue our dreams (finally) and to follow our passions. I say we need to refocus our thinking away from complaining to redeveloping the rest of our lives. More infor can be found at

Amy said...

Please correct the error.


Theresa Komor said...

@ Lotus: Me too. I was surprised to find that most people that fall into the Baby Boomer generation are miserable. Since I am too, does that mean I'm "normal"???

@ Amy: Over 40 Nuggets looks like a great idea that can come in mighty handy nowadays! I hope to see more! Stop by here and let us know when you've added to your blog, ok?

Boomer Blogger said...

I agree with Amy...I am happily learning how to blog and Tweet and Twitt and link and comment and all things Internet! Working from home and enjoying learning. Keep up the positivity!