Jackson's Support of Obama Includes Testicular Assault

. Thursday, July 10

Yesterday, mainstream news wouldn't say exactly what Jesse Jackson said during a commercial break on a Fox News show. The news got out there anyway, and now there's no doubt that Jackson feels that Obama is haughty, talks down to blacks and wants to be white. Jackson would like to "cut off his nuts" for having such a horrific attitude. Thumbs up to Jackson for telling it like it is instead of phrasing his statement in a politically correct way. Too bad he apologized for his honesty and Obama accepted the apology. With supporters like Jackson, the US will have its first eunuch presidential candidate.


Is said...

As for me, politics are definitely like Bollywood movies...strange plot...highly emotional, unnecessarily draggy, and serving us stupid songs and dances to keep us entertained.I truly long for true patriot who will fight for the country and citizen's benefit.

Theresa Komor said...

All the true patriots are over in Iraq and Afghanistan wearing military uniforms. I doubt a politician would have the necessary intestinal fortitude to do what our military does.