Under Sharia Law

. Tuesday, July 8

This photo shows a woman just before she will be stoned to death in Tehran, Iran per Sharia Law. I have been haunted by this photo since seeing it for the first time. Under Sharia law, the death penalty is the sentence for drug trafficking and insulting Islam - and is now the sentence freely given for "online crimes" such as promoting corruption, prostitution and apostasy, and subversive activities against national security, spying and separatist propaganda.

I am horrified by the overt devaluation of life and living and of God. The human race is supposed to be evolving!


Is said...

It's very disheartening to see the above pic as this the only suitable punishment for the lady?

melissa said...

I always wondered how they got someone to stand still, and take a stoning, now I know. I wonder what wrong, this poor woman committed. I agree, humans are supposed to be evolving, not still living in the stone age.

Jane said...

Yes I have seen this before in a case. I am trying to remember the actual case...But that was my first introduction to the horrors of this stoning. It is completely barbaric and i will NEVER understand in this day and age how other countries have not come forward in their thinking...Its so sad :(

The Commentator said...

Britain has accepted Sharia Law. I fear Canada will eventually give into to it too. Ontario looked into it. So far Quebec has rejected even entertaining the thought.

Sickening stuff.