Satire From the Left

. Tuesday, July 15

First Door on the Left found this David Horsey cartoon this morning in response to yesterday's The New Yorker cover. This one is supposed to be funny, while apparently, yesterday's was not.

Let the mud slinging begin with no holds barred!


Len said...

Oh, yesterday's was funny... If you understood the nuance behind it. A lot of people, apparently, did not.

I think today's would have been a lot funnier without any text. Just let folks figure it out for themselves. Like the one yesterday.

Theresa Komor said...

Yes, both point out the funny in both candidates. But, what they are pointing out just might be worth consideration, or at least a thought or two.

Grandy said...

Gotta be ready to take it and dish it I suppose, but regarless...I will be glad when the election is done. :)