Racism: Time for a Reality Check

. Thursday, July 17

I'll tell you straight up - I don't understand racism. I just don't. It's not logical, it's not right, and it certainly isn't just. What racism really is, what fundamental human flaw it highlights, is judgementalism.

I bring this up today because of yet another article of supposed news we can't live without about more of what Jesse Jackson said about Barak Obama, behind the scenes, off-air, during a break in taping an interview. Jackson used the forbidden reference: "Jackson is reported to have said Obama was talking down to black people, and referred to blacks with the N-word when he said Obama was telling them how to behave."

Of course, what he actually said is still not fully revealed, even though it must be on tape for prosperity's sake. Yet once again, we hear about this little incident, as though it is new news.

The implications and insinuations become more clear when you take into account that the point of Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, a civil rights organization, is to rally the entertainment industries and the public to discourage and boycott the use of the N-word across the board. True morals and values wouldn't allow room or energy for this lip-flapping, tongue-wagging hypocrisy. It just wouldn't be a part of a person's way of being. Mr. Jackson, you are a hypocrite.

Contrast this to the words of Bill Cosby, who has been vocal about his interpretation of black people's role in furthering the concept of racism. According to Cosby, it is poor educational achievement, sexual irresponsibility, lack of parental control, lack of respect, and lack of personal responsibility that is behind the perpetuation of racial inequality. Is this obvious difference between the two public figures only because Cosby is a comedian and Jackson a reverend? Cosby lives what he preaches.

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, at the root of it all, is the difference between sheep and herders; neither of which is all that preferable. Sheep blindly follow the crowd, do what everyone else does, like what everyone else likes and build their lives without a sole thought of their own. Herders follow the crowd, do what everyone else does, like what everyone else likes, but through a random thought here and there, climb to the top of the heap to become the trend setters. It is all shallow and superficial and juvenile - and the root of judgementalism.

What we need to promote is abstract, analytical, critical thinking across the board. Define right and wrong and cause and effect.

And, we need to think about this now, today, without delay. As soon as Obama takes the White House, the US and the rest of the world will sink into yet another of mankind's Holy Wars if we fail in this task. What an oxymoron, this concept of "holy" war. Yet, this is where we are headed, people.

We all have the personal responsibility to change - before it's too late.