Gustav may be Cat 5 by US Landfall

. Sunday, August 31

Now this is good to see. New Orleans residents are obeying evacuation orders ahead of Hurricane Gustav, which may strengthen to Category 5 by the time it hits 500 miles of US coast from Cameron, LA to the Alabama-Florida state line. Gustav is expected to hit Gulf coast land Monday, possibly with winds as high as 155 mph. City officials have already evacuated 30,000 elderly, disabled and poor via bus and train. "At 5:00 a.m. EDT Sunday, the U.S. hurricane center said Gustav was centered about 425 miles southeast of the mouth of the Mississippi River and moving northwest near 16 mph."

President Bush, scheduled to speak on the opening night of the GOP convention, might not be there since he may be headed to the Gulf coast region instead. He has already declared states of emergency for Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. McCain and Palin will be in Jackson, Mississippi today.

On Saturday, several Central Arkansas EMS agencies lined up at Little Rock Airport to transport Gulf evacuees to area hospitals and Veteran's Administration facilities.