Oil at $110, Bush and McCain Focus on Gustav

. Monday, September 1

A weakening Gustav, now at Category 2, reduced the threat to the Gulf's energy facilities which slid crude to around $110. Though downgraded, Gustav is pounding the Mississippi River delta with 110 mile an hour winds. Forecasters warn of extremely dangerous surges of 14 feet that threaten New Orleans' levees. About 10,000 residents remained in the area after the biggest evacuation effort in US history. Meanwhile, inland areas are warned to watch for tornadoes. Search and rescue will begin when winds slow to a safe level, probably later this evening.

Wanting to prove that he learned hard lessons during the Katrina disaster, President Bush is now headed to San Antonio and Austin, TX, the staging ground for emergency response. Staying out of the way of relief response efforts, he'll head to Louisiana later.

The shortened GOP Convention will now be a major fundraising drive for hurricane victims, with Cindy McCain and Laura Bush focusing on Gustav. While Cindy McCain and Sara Palin flew to St. Paul last night, Laura Bush made breakfast this morning for a group of delegates, and said that she was pleased to be able to vote for a Republican woman. She's as surprised as everyone else at McCain's pick, and said, "we know what kind of women Alaska produces. We know how tough and strong she is."