Self Portrait of Human Angst

. Friday, August 29

I know that art is a subjective thing, beauty-in-the-eye-of-the-beholder and all that, but it takes an awful lot of stretching to call this sculpture of a frog holding a beer mug and an egg while nailed to a cross a piece of art. It's called "Feet First," and it will remain on display in a Bolzano, Italy museum exhibit despite the Pope's vocal displeasure, though his argument is of a more religious bent than mine. The regional government's argument contends that the sculpture is a "blasphemy and a disgusting piece of trash that upsets many people," especially the region's president that went on a hunger strike to protest the display of the sculpture. Yet the art experts and museum president decided unanimously to keep it on display anyway. Human angst is what it's causing, though why anyone would take it seriously enough to be upset by it is beyond me. German artist Martin Kippenberger's frog will land in New York City and Los Angeles soon. American's will not be denied art, even if it does belong on a bar-room wall.