Surprise: No Bailout

. Tuesday, September 30

The people spoke out, and for once, their representatives listened and voted per their constituencies' will. But, why are they surprised that the American people did not want to spend their money bailing out the businesses and corporations that have been raping them all along?

Those businesses get the average citizen going and coming: We are paying for them to be in business when we buy their products or services, when we pay tax on those products and services that the businesses don't, when we pay local taxes that end up going to businesses as incentives, when we pay our utilities, when we work for minimum wage to make them rich, when we apply for credit for purchases and then end up with hefty interest rates and finance charges, and on and on. Now they are worried that we didn't want to pay them for screwing up so badly that they are crumbling?  Who cares?  I don't. You want us to yell foul when one of us applies for welfare, but it's OK if businesses demand welfare to pay for their mistakes? Get real.

I think it would be a not-so-bad idea if the whole system crumbled so that a less greedy and hopefully more equitable system can be built to replace it. Let the stock market collapse all the way. I doubt we'd see much of a change anyway. Cudos to the House for doing their job.


pamibe said...

I don't think there should be a bailout. The market won't collapse; people are just waiting to see what happens. The people who stand to gain millions, each of them are just standing still and waiting.

There are still lenders out there. Life is still going on just fine. Propping up people who drove themselves into the ground because they were greedy?? NOT with my tax dollars!!

Theresa Komor said...

That's what I figure too. Enough is enough. No one bails me out when I fall, and I don't think it's right to make me bail them out. They need to learn a lesson!