Bailout Failed Without a Spin

. Wednesday, October 1

Get this. An article in Time says that the reason why us pitiful little people don't want the bailout is because we have no idea what the current financial wreck does to us. The article compares the people's overwhelmingly negative response to the $700 billion bailout plan to the failure to leave before a hurricane hits. Bush and company should put a face to the impact an economic failure would have and rename the bill to something other than a bailout. There you have it: The government and the rich bankers think we're just stupid, dumb idiots that continually fall for the huff and puff and fluff.

So, I have to ask: What makes them think we haven't been living this economic failure already? The economy has been crap for the everyday Joe for about two years. No stink was made until the downturn started to effect the bottom line for the rich.  Sorry, but the trickle-down theory only works when the economy is in an upswing, and that only happened once in our history at the beginning of the Industrial Age. Keep calling your representatives and remind them that they must continue to represent The People.