Jobs Growth: Obama vs. McCain

. Sunday, October 19

The nation will experience very different methods of economic recovery depending on which candidate makes it into the White House in November. Here's a summary:

Obama - Alternative energy tops his list, with civil engineering and construction following. He wants to reward teachers and expand educational programs, and offer 'incentives' to companies to return manufacturing to US soil. He plans to rework the telecommunications industries and rebuild the wireless spectrum.

McCain - Aerospace/Defence tops his list with an increase in missile defense and weaponry. Next is expanded efforts for hybrid and efficient automobiles, and the call to build energy efficient buildings that increase construction. When it comes to health care, he wants to release the restrictions of subscribing only to the plan offered by employers which will increase competition in the insurance sector. On the board are plans to build 45 new nuclear energy facilities and further exploration for oil and natural gas here in the US.

In my mind, I'm finding a huge disparity between these particular goals and the activities of the current campaign. Obama announced today that he raised $150 million dollars in September alone, more than double what he raised in August, with the average donation equaling $100. In contrast, McCain accepted public campaign funding and is restricted to $84 million for his entire campaign. Obama's TV ads appear 4 to 1 over McCain's commercials.

It appears as though Obama's goals for the country are limited and unspecific, yet the man sure can spend money, and spends everything that comes to him. Is this an example of his fiscal responsibility? McCain's efforts appear more defense and military related, which might be prudent during the global economic crisis. His plans are more comprehensive, yet seem to be aimed at stabilizing today all the while saying it will take 20 years to fully implement. Both fall short of identifying where we are at now and how, exactly, they will fund these little pet projects. Neither seem to address the needs or wishes of the average, US citizen.

In my opinion, take it or leave it, neither candidate has what it takes to lead this country at this time. The United States - and the world - deserve better than this.