Another 'Activist' Jumps to Conclusions

. Saturday, October 18

This time, it's Lily Tomlin who is now working with a group called Concerned Citizens for Jenny. Jenny is a 32 year old elephant who has spent 22 years at the Dallas Zoo with another elephant that died last May. Concerned Citizens sent Tomlin a video of the elephant that conveniently omitted aspects of the elephant's living conditions in order to sway the actress' involvement in their quest. Of course a Big Name like Tomlin will interest the media, despite the fact that she really has no idea about elephants beyond the Wikipedia entry. Tomlin admitted that she was surprised to see a shelter and play toys and treats readily available for the elephant, though she believes the animal is depressed and distressed based on what the group has told her.

The group and Tomlin insist that the elephant retire to an elephant sanctuary in Tennesee, though the zoo already has ordered a companion elephant that will arrive within the next two months, and plans to build a much larger habitat in 2010. The zoo believes that it would be far more stressful for the elephant to move now since she is used to her environment and handlers. The zoo faced huge opposition when they planned to move the elephant to a habitat in Mexico right after her companion died in May - back when it actually would have helped the animal.

Once again, here is yet another celebrity sticking her nose in and making noise before having enough factual knowledge to take a legitimate stand about animal welfare. If she wanted to be a real help in this situation, she would donate the money to build the new elephant habitat. Put up or shut up, Lily!


pam said...

I hate it when they do that; like they wield super powers and must be obeyed. It's not even an abuse of power because they really have none except what the media gives them.

Theresa Komor said...

Yep, that's exactly what they do. And if the media gives them play, then that issue goes to hell in a handbasket.