OpenOffice 3

. Sunday, October 12

Like most people blessed (cursed?) with PC's, I live in Microsoft XP and Office. Word documents are pretty much the standard, much like Photoshop is the ipso facto standard for photo editing. Just like Photoshop, purchasing Microsoft Office takes a second job and renting out the spare bedroom to afford.

The alternative is OpenOffice, with version 3 scheduled for release this week. This free office suite is just about as powerful as MS Office and will open, edit and save in Office format. One perk that Office doesn't have is the ability to save in PDF. Oh, and it comes in Mac too.

So, if you've been limping along with the Microsoft Works that came installed on your PC, head on over and get a real suite of applications that run neck and neck with Microsoft Office. Clicking on the logo above will take you to a mirror download site before the official release of the new version of OpenOffice.  You're welcome!

No, I'm not getting paid for this post. Did I mention OpenOffice is free?