What Jolie Might do is News?

. Sunday, October 12

Forgive me for saying this, but I don't necessarily jump to the conclusion that the obscenely rich and famous have opinions worthy of swaying a presidential campaign. But, the news seems to think so. Vanity Fair reports that Jolie said Obama is aligned with her way of thinking on several issues. It's a stretch, no doubt about it. But, there is a bit of a bright light here: Jolie said that Obama's family and roots have little to do with his validity as a candidate. Oh, her father, Jon Voight, has campaigned for McCain. Would someone tell me why how Jolie might vote should matter? Isn't she too busy breast feeding twins and acting to pay much attention?


The Commentator said...

No it isn't news.

But it is to editors and publishers.

It doesn't help that governments open their doors to celebrities and accept them as if they're elected officials. I'm thinking when Canada opened ridiculously the Parliament floor to Bono and Britain held "talks" with George Clooney. Let's not forget The Economist gave its prestigious pages to Jolie who talked about accountability. I stopped reading this publication.

I'm all for celebrities using their popularity (I'm not sure they have power) to force good policy but still...

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Theresa Komor said...

There are some celebrities that I think would do better than those who are running for office now, though I can't think of any right off hand.

It's just a shameful ploy to sway the public opinion that they think so little of, yet do whatever it takes to swing it their way. We are a stupid, ignorant lot without the brains to see through the acting and script writing. It's too bad it wasn't a more honest, truthful process to elect leaders.

Grandy said...

Oh I roll my eyes every time a celebrity thinks that because they play a politician in a movie, it makes them more intelligent and all knowing about how we should think.

The ones that threaten to leave the country if their candidate doesn't win makes me say...Go ahead. Get out!!

Theresa Komor said...

I'm with you on that one! Their money is offshore anyway, safely tucked away and out of harm's way in Switzerland, so they might as well just follow their money on out of here.