Transgender Study Explains Gender Pay Gap

. Monday, October 6

Conservatives think that women have no incentive to gain the education or work long hours at a career because they will have babies. Liberals think that it is all sex discrimination. The never ending debate behind the reasons why women earn 79 percent of what men earn for the same job came closer to settlement with a recent study that followed people who had recently changed gender. Men who changed to women earned 32 percent less. I'd say that's proof of sex discrimination. To add to the amount of proof that sex discrimination exists, one symphony orchestra auditioned candidates from behind a screen. Overwhelmingly, the women were chosen far more often than the men, which had not been the case in previous auditions where the candidates were visible to the judges. Case closed.


Grandy said...

That's it...I have to become a man now? ;)

Theresa Komor said...

I sure have never considered it! Money be damned!! LOL