When Technology Goes Green

. Tuesday, October 7

I got a kick out of this this morning. Wired Magazine is promoting what it feels is "hi-tech" equipment for horse and rider, saying that with the high price of gas the most economical mode of transportation is now by horseback. I couldn't agree more! Right now, you can purchase a horse for next to nothing, if not find one completely free. The cost involved in keeping a horse - feed, hay, vet and farrier care - even though higher nowadays, is still a lot less of a drain on the ol' wallet than driving a car. You'd just have to set aside days instead of hours to get to where you're going. No doubt it wouldn't be long before insurance companies started offering horse insurance to cover the massive rise in injuries sustained while everyone romantically teaches their horse to rear. As always, reality is a far cry from Hollywood, and rearing is the most dangerous thing a horse can do. You'll have a "rider's license" and ride a registered-with-the-state horse. Just where is it that you'll hang the license plate?