Heeeere's Johnny!

. Monday, January 5

Oops, I mean Obama. Freudian slip, I'm sure. President-elect Obama arrived at Andrew's Air Force Base yesterday, and though the article didn't exactly say, that sure looks like Air Force 1 to me. The haughty excesses tend to raise my hackles. Now that Obama is in Washington to meet with Congressional leaders to discuss his economic stimulus plan, it's time to keep a close eye on the news. Though it's much easier to scan headlines and pick up the stories that drop out as soon as they drop in, I get the feeling that reporters will be sneaking little tidbits into major stories, and burying them amongst the puff and fluff. Call it reporter's intuition if you like. That's what I'd do if it were my beat.

Haughty, presumptuous, assuming and egomaniacal are the words that came to mind when I read, "To revive the world's largest economy, struggling amid global financial turmoil, the incoming White House economic team hopes to create three million jobs -- 80 percent of which will be in the private sector." Forgive my cynicism, but Obama intends to dictate what privately owned businesses do?

No, his solution isn't exactly that straight forward: "The president-elect hopes the tax break for people earning up to 200,000 dollars a year that also includes a one-year tax credit for companies that hire or rehire more people -- worth some 40-50 billion dollars -- will help "create or save" three million jobs by 2011." When people - and businesses - are so strapped for cash today, the last thing that they are going to do is loosen their purse strings when things remain iffy. A tax break just won't do it.

The excesses are astounding. Bush has planned a Wednesday lunch and invited Jimmy Carter, daddy, Bill Clinton and Obama to join him. Five US presidents in one place, and only for lunch. I wonder who is paying for the plane tickets and all the security?

There's a push-me, pull-you going on between exiting and entering presidents, however. Obama asked that he and his family stay in the White House's guest residence they call Blair House. Uh oh, it's booked, says Bush, so Obama et al is staying at the luxurious Hay-Adams Hotel instead. Oh, the insult. I wonder who is paying that tab since it probably requires booking an entire floor and massive amounts of security in itself.

Our government just isn't experiencing the economic crisis that the rest of us are.


Len said...

1) The airplane used was a government-owned Boeing 757 of the type generally used by the vice president and first lady. Not Air Force One, but still not an extraordinary measure when you're transporting the man who will be President and Commander-in-Chief in just two weeks.

2) The hotel bill for the Obamas is being paid by donors to the inauguration. Not to worry - you are not footing the bill for your future First Family.

3) Nothing the incoming administration attempts in its effort to revive our failed economy is going to meet with your approval. Why do you hate America so?

Theresa Komor said...

1.) As Obama says over and over, there's only one president at a time.

2.) Good. It's still very extravagant.

3.) Actually yes, more was released about his proposals, and the reduced withholdings netting more take-home pay is a good idea. In fact, I'd say it's a better idea than that paltry check that was mailed out last year. In my case, it went for bills and in my gas tank.

I'm curious. Why is questioning extravagant spending, no matter who its on, hating America? If people can frown on motor co. CEOs flying to Washington for a bailout, why can't we frown on our leaders being less than frugal? And I won't even mention the bonuses and extravaganzas the financial sector bailout paid for. EVERYONE should be accountable. Government does NOT equal royalty or acting like it.

I am not like everyone else waiting for Obama to save the world. I just want him to do his job to the best of his ability. He needs to remember that he is the American people's employee, approved by vote to be that employee and fill the position of President of the US.