Mule's Fire Alarm Saves Owner

. Tuesday, January 6

Meet Lou the mule from Tennessee. On New Year's Day, right after his supper, he started acting up and braying like crazy. It was such a loud racket that his owner, 63 year old Jolene Solomon, went outside to find out why the mule was misbehaving so. When she turned around, she saw that her house was burning. She called 911, then she and Lou watched her house burn down to the ground while waiting for the fire department. Now quite aged, Lou was purchased by Solomon's father years ago to help around the farm. Solomon plans to rebuild and return to live where she has lived all of her life. Thanks to Lou for saving her life.


Grandy said...

YAY LOU!! And YAY Grandy gets to leave comments. Glich magically erased? Perhaps... Won't look that gift mule in the mouth either. :)

Theresa Komor said...

I removed some social link things that only show on post pages, though that shouldn't have interfered with anything. I guess it did because that's the only thing I changed! I'm glad your problems are resolved though, and I'm really glad you commented!

That mule sure is fugly, ain't he?